Pre-formed groups utilize Adventure Travel West to plan itineraries tailored to their special interest. We can offer itineraries that meet your needs whether it be wild life watching, youth groups, photography, charity challenges, or anything else in which your group is interested.

Bird Watching:
Watch the sand hill cranes at Bosque del Apache, the condors at the Grand Canyon, or the snow geese in California. Arizona has many species of humming birds, as well as elegant trogons, and kingfishers.

There is nowhere on earth that offers more challenges to photographers than the canyons and cliffs of the Colorado Plateau. We know the best places and times to shoot unbelievable photographs.

Yellowstone has been called "The American Serengeti." Let our experienced guides show you the bears, wolves, moose, and other animals that call this magical place home. Or consider whale watching in California, or bear watching in Yosemite. NEW: whale watching trips to the birthing lagoons in Baja California. See Gray Whales and dolphins up close.

The fleeting beauty of wildflowers can be elusive unless you travel with someone who knows when and where to go for the best displays. Adventure Travel West, Inc. has the expert tour directors who can give you the best chance to experience anything from fragile high alpine flowers to the explosive bloom of the desert wildflowers in spring.

There are wonderful little museums hidden all across the west, and we can show them to you. Featuring subjects from dinosaurs and minerals to Native American anthropology and cowboy art, we will build a tour that showcases your interests.

The desert Southwest is an enormous classroom for the study of both sedimentary and metamorphic geology. Let us tailor a tour that will take you to the sites that show off these unique landforms.