Responsible Tourism

Conserve. Preserve. Repeat.
We believe in preserving nature for future generations. Humans have encroached on our national parks and wilderness areas in increasing numbers. Many people are retiring to the West - old ranches are turned into home sites. During the last years, due to energy cost increases, oil companies have drilled in or near many of our favorite areas. We strongly support environmental groups through membership and donations that lobby to preserve the Wild Places, such as the Audubon Society, Sierra Club, Greenpeace and Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. We hope that the desire to preserve nature and revenue from eco-tourism will win over the short term interests of big business.

We are acutely aware of the conflict between offering a long haul travel product in times of concerns of global warming. We have ongoing discussion groups in the office - trying to minimize our impact on the environment. We have come up with stringent rules of conduct for our tour groups, that include a “Leave no trace” policy, buying locally, recycling, reducing emissions through group transport, and encouraging buying carbon credits. However, we fully understand that all of these measures do not really solve the problem that our industry and society has to face in the very near future. We do however believe, that traveling in the World’s Wild Places restores the human spirit and gives us the motivation to continue to protect these magical realms from destruction.