Our Staff

Our Staff is the backbone of our company.
Our office staff consists of an international mix of dedicated travelers, outdoor enthusiasts and travel professionals, that bring insider knowledge and passion to the work we do. Our detailed knowledge allows us to design awesome tours and train and support our tour directors while in the field. We speak German, Spanish, English, French and Italian in the office. Our multi-cultural backgrounds allow us to understand the needs of each nationality.

Our tour directors are carefully selected individuals that only meet the highest industry standards. Many of them are certified by local guide schools and most of them speak several languages, such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese. Our tour directors are local people, that live in North America. We do NOT import tour directors from Europe, but give your groups the chance to meet local guides.

Most of our tour directors have been with our company for many years. They come from all walks of life, and choose to work for us because of our integrity and passion for what we do. Our tour directors do this job out of passion. We choose people for their enthusiasm and integrity, not their ability to sell optionals. We believe that the customer’s vacation experience comes first, and that optional tours should only enhance the experience. Our tour directors typically go out of their way to accommodate special requests and provide exceptional experiences, such as hidden sunsets for unforgettable photos, encounters with local people or some off-the-beaten path hike, view point or wildlife encounter. Our goal is to give your clients truly exceptional and unforgettable vacation experiences.

Our multi-lingual driver-guides comply with all government set safety requirements for the transportation industry. They are qualified drivers as well as qualified guides. Should they also lead hiking tours, they typically have additional certification / degrees from outdoor schools plus years of outdoor leadership and hiking experience. Our hiking guides are true tour directors, as they lead all the hikes, facilitate the cooking, and all group activities as well as give extensive commentary and information. ALL of our driver-guides are First Aid and CPR and “Leave no Trace” certified as required by the National Parks. ALL of our driver-guides are registered with the National Parks, BLM and National Forest Service as official guides. They are permitted to guide hikes in all the parks in the Western USA.

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